Don’t Know ‘Easy’ Lord

Don’t Know ‘Easy’ Lord

(c) Leo G Campbell

Don’t Know ‘Easy’ Lord

– Even Tho –

– I See It –

– ‘A Walkin’


DrunkWined Whinging My Way

I Waved My Arms Arms & Arms

Around It I Found

That It

Must B – So, I, I, I

I Tried Not To Do My

Sorta Silent Quietly Why – Saw

Saints Peter &

Saint Saul Paul

‘A Jump’n, & On It –

‘N Saint, Seated, – Pope Peter, Writ’n –

Mebbbe, T’ Damascus –

Where Such Roads To –

Saint Mary, At Ephesus ?

A Complaint Letter To God, ‘Bout Mee…

Mebbe So

Hope & My Biggie, “So, –  What Envelope”?

Do Heee, Did He – Mail It, In..

Easily So

Where Wuz

Easy Rawlins



Idahoo Sue –  I Luv Yer

Deep In

The Still,’O Th’ Night –

Eyes Not Arms Arms

Arms Around…

New York City… Someone Wrote

“Yew Scrote,

– Payy Meee Ur

– Yerr – Dollar Bills!! ”

See So Do U See?

A Walkin’ This Way

– I See It –

That’s Me

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