Discipline Of Music

Discipline Of Music

(c) Leo G Campbell      1/23/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com     http://www.leocam2@msn.com

Discipline Of Music

– When To

Make & Play

– Or To

Create & Sing

The Thing Is –

Taking A, Or,

Your Turn,

– In Music

– Will Make You

As The Musicals

Shall Take You,

Put U On Display…

– So, Where Are,

All The Angels?

Both ‘O Them… Kinder Good,r Bad

Let’s Hear

Them Angels All, Sing Together

Make Your Music, U Angels –

Sing It, Loudly,

U Satan U Lucifer Angel Created – &

You All Are Angels – Are

Made By Almighty God… To Sing

Make Us Music, All U Angels –

Now, Sing It Louder

U Satan Are An Lucifer Angel Created

Should Sing Whatever, So Proudly –

Discipline Of Music

God Made Musical To Play

What Kind ‘O Music Might’ve

Created You?

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