The “Notes Of The Call” Change

The “Notes Of The Call” Change

(c) Leo G Campbell     2/11/2017

The “Notes Of The Call” Change

Do We Still – Haunt, Those Concerns –

From – Quiet Accept, To “Outrage… ”

B, In – Buggering, Burgling, Bette Betty

Bungling –

Fire & Burns –

Bastards –

As… We… –

– I Saw Abraham Lincoln, There

– Seated With,

Neared To A Big Window

& His Best Pen…

Hiz Office Desk, Keep’n –

Ink, Black’n Signing



USA Union –

Thing –

Soldier Slaves,


‘A Going Out –

To, Where –


“Free Slaves,

We, The Union Thing, We, Bring – ”

Think Lincoln

He Heard, Me…

“Yer Bugle Rage, Range –

Oh My Stars – Need ”

Lincoln Father Abraham

T’ Unwrap Wrapp’n

1 ‘O My, Cellophane, Cellophone?

Cubar, Due Mee Mie, CeeGar –

I Smoke, Slow – Now

Bound In – Comfortably In &

With The Faggots,

Well Placed,

At Th’ Stake,

– Or -‘Er At Home, Yer Know


Notes, Slow, To Make –

Tho’ Who’s Here T’ Take

This Call

Th’ Call, Ya Know If’n, Its Me –

Izz This Last Call

2 B Free

Mr Lincoln –

Notes ‘O The Call –

I Smoke Slow, Ya Know

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