You Share With People

You Share With People

(c) Leo G Campbell     2/10/2017

You Share With People

“Ur Mind – Yer Haul” – I Get

That From

Universities & Whore-Harlots All

– Mongers & Mangles

– Haters

Of & Prostituted Jangles

– Rectally & Enjoy Enjoined


Harley Bikers & Et Al,


A Lot –

Every, People Human,

Is So Strange

Strange Can Hit

The Spot – O


Shame To Mind Not –

Guilt, & Its Feelings Rob –

On, On, Still Me To…

A –

My Dot,

Oh –

From Me – How Should I

Do It Now –

O – Ya – Yeah

Your Mind Shares

With & They

New Now, In Strange – Waste It –

– Bite

– Off

Yer Hand –

Theres That, & And And – I’m Glad

‘A Lot –

But U

Got Lots 2

Share From –

Yer Dirty



Ya, Yeah –

– “Ur Mind U Haul” –

(U Haul – Best Not Try 2 Sue)

– O Ya Yeah U Haul Ass

Strange Mebbe Got Class –

Share With The People Near –

Let’s –

Get John Lennon Out Here

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