Got Faced & Read A Book

Got Faced & Read A Book

(c) Leo G Campbell     2/20/2017

I Got Face, & And Readily Read

Intro Your Book That’s Not Mine

And Specfically…

Value… It?

Well? A Book

Took, Lesse – Ah Twelve Years

& All It Took

Tess… Catz Cats

Don’ Think ‘Bout

Anybody’s This’n Thats –

– Of Desire

– Of Romance Dancing

Pasting Unread Desires

On My Face

I Got Face I Got Desire

& Diary’d


Light A Fire –

Better Yours –

Yer Ugly Money Lust Facing

U & Us

So Clear

Fenced Cat Chat

Obvious U R No 2 B Trust

Kitty Pussy

Kittie Kak Well

LookIt At That –

Stilil ‘n Yer Rear

Well-Fir’d Well

Howsa ‘Bout That

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