Five Minutes Til Midnight

Five Minutes To Midnight

(c) Leo G Campbell     2/21/2017

Five Minutes Until Midnight

– Six Hours To Dawn –

And – Into History They

Galloped My Steed – So I

Ran As Fast As –

I Could Dash

Be Dashed From –

Another Midnight Dawn –

Mebbe Jus’

Another Dream

Five Minutes Of Mine

Fro’m Whence To Proceed –

Conundrum Say L’ Guerre –

What Can Go Wrong?

Whut-Hell Do That Mean?


Six Hours To Dawn

Outa Site –

You Say?

Midnight Dawn, Say- Eh?

Is It 2 Be Mine… My

Pertickular – Dawn Midnight Dawn –

Right 2 Know U N Ow

Well Whut Could Be

‘A Growin’ I Mean B


Waitn Onn…

On’n On 4 ItFer It-Mebbe U Wait Fer It –

Many More

Hours Of Song

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