Flash On A Death

Flash On A Death

(c) Leo G Campbell       2/22/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com     http://www.leocam2@msn.com

True Story: Flash On A Death

The Hansons – Th’ 3 Brothers. Me, I lived across the NE 52nd Ave street.

We’d Ride Our Bikes, North ‘n Cross NE Sandy Boulevard. Ca. early summer, 1957. Go Fish’n.

Go Bike Yer

North T’ Th’ Columbia A

Big’n Like A Huuge River –

Wide –

We Biking

Passed A Small Cheap House

Left On Th’ Other Side, At

A Small Water Canal –

So We Jus’ Stopped There,

– Made Friends To & With

Wish We Cared –

The Young Boy Handsome Cute

Too – Handsome, Jus’ For U

So We Stayed, Then Moved On…

I Seen Scene Daily Jus’ Now

How Easy Peasey It Is…

– 2 Jus’ Die

– Whilst I

Aye, I Remember This Boy

On Th’ Day Of His Death-

He Moved Quick Yet Gracefully

Turns ‘n Spins

His Slim Young-Boy Body

Slender Toothpick Arms –

Quick T’ Ripcord

His, Muscle Whip To –


A Flatted Stone Flatly – Spinn’n Now –

– Skip It; Get It On

– Onto Th’ Top ‘O Th’ Waters –

– With On

– Get It On The Pond

Engenders The Classic Change

A Skip – Multiple Times…

For Life Into & Unto Death –

Seems –

Ever’ Thing Mus’ Be


Arranges, Well…

‘Bout This Mebbe

– Nine-Ten Year Tear –

– Young Old Boy

Young’n Boy 2 So Tru

Somehow Drown’n

– In That Canal That

– P.M A.M Night

We Read The Paper In Th’ Morning

Poleece Were Reporting

– Fished Th’ Small Body Out

– Poleeced Th’ Area Found Nada

– Jus’ Scuffle Marks

In’n On Th’ Dirt ‘O Th’ Bank –

– Mebbe A

Struggle Who Knows

A Flash On Death

Now, Goode Nighte & We

Thanke Youe ‘N

Up Yours,


Yew Too

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