Step Onto My Skates

Step Onto My Skates

(c) Leo G Campbell     2/24/2017

Step Onto My Skates

– In A Icy Spicy

Roller Rink

Of Life –

Part Of Your Training Makes

Me Barf

The Ice


That Ain’t Quite

The Steepest Part ‘O This –

– Particular Be-Knight’d

– Calender’d Cathedral’d


Re-Open’d Then

‘N This

Izz Whut U C –


Steep Hill –

Hard T’ Creep Along

With Me –

Jerk Off Whilst

Balancing You On My Skates

Whilst In My Arms

Jetsky Bomber Russky Drones –

– Do U Rilly Care –

‘N How ‘Bout Th’ Cur –

In Yer Slurrd Curs’d

Life I Mean –

Yer Cur Itch Wife –

Silly Sally

Sweet Sixteen

Step Onto My Skates

Mebbe We Step Whirling

Into LifeWhilst –

– In My Arms

– Your Arms

– Our Arms

Meebe Leads… To A Better Love…


Whirl’d  War 3

And, Thee

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