Martha Stewart At Stake

Martha Stewart At Stake

(c) Leo G Campbell     3/3/2017

Martha Stewart At Stake

Oh I Pray –

Martha This Not How

Yer Recipe Fer – Me –

O Martha

This Is Not…

The Remake…


Where She –

Stuff’d The –

Finger & Lick’n Chicken,

Then. Stuff’d Th’ Duck,

Whoo Boy –

Oth’r Chickies

I Saw – Stayed Home

‘Fraid ‘O Be’n

Stuff’d, ‘N Then, Likely

Ovened –

– So I Gnawed

– Needed, To –

On Another Bone, Or… Two, ‘N –

How ‘Bout You, Martha?

How’s B U My Martha –

Martha Stewart At Stake

Whoo Stuff’d Th’ Duck… ‘N Who

Stayed Home


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