God Jokes The Rich

God Jokes The Rich

(c) Leo G Campbell     3/9/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com     http://www.leocam2@msn.com

God Jokes The Rich

God Offering His Teeth –

More –

Than –

The Rich, Posturing,

As Can They Try, Their

Typical Hollow, Relief:

– “O – Look At Mee…”


– “I’m Soo… Wealthy… ”

– Bigg House… Flash Carz… Flatulent

– With Cubano Cigar…

– Toy Boy Coke Rolex Rummy –

Cool, Not In –

The Unused,


Swim Pool –


Sometimes Not Surprisingly

God Is

– Yet Very

– Hard To See In Parisian Sunglasses

– The Rich

So Many Rich, Bitches And

Rich, Sons

‘O Bitch’s

Richly, All Asses – “Loook At Me!”

Wealthy In Name, Solely  But

Not Much, Very Whole –

Commanding Fame & Ease –

Burlesque In And Striptease –

But Still &

Clinging Always, To Their Masque –

And What Else Can They Be Or Believe –

Little Value In, Of – Wealth

– Known Of Their


O Like Having Liking

An Inner Soul –


God Is Offering More

– The Real

– Value, Of A

Human Spiritual Core


God Jokes The Rich

So Many Bitches And

Sons ‘O Bitches All


Life Is Not A Bitch

God Will Joke The Rich

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