The Occurrences Of Life

The Occurrences Of Life

(c) Leo G Campbell    3/15/2017     3/3/2017

The Occurrences Of Life

– In My Alaska Sojourn

– For All I Could Learn

– Foolishness To Burn

– The Alaskans Attacked

I Lifted My Hat, Waved It,

– Got It Shot Off –


Then Sent In Their Bears –

– My Next, Occurrence

To Occur –

So, A Grizzly Chews On –

Yer Face – Your Fate –

Shout Out

Them Teeth,

Bare Fangs

Or So – U Say

Better Enjoin

Either Th’ Human Or

Bear Beat –

Eh –

Such A

– Sled Harnessed In Bear Feet

– Alaska Grizzly

Bear Feet Beat Feet & Iditarod Trail

& WeBarely  Race Away –


Just One More Of Them –

Bearing –

The Occurrences Of Life

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