To Love

To Love

(c) Leo G Campbell       3/31/2017

To Love

– Love Is

To Make The Verity

Verily I Shall, Now I Fill Yet Still Ill See -Effort

– To Love

How Do We

In Particular

Move Body, Mind, & Mebbe Soul –

‘N How Can We Possibly Know?

Get That Way?

Do We Vote? Why?

Anyway –

How That We Do –

Emote &

Mebbe Blow Blue

Smoke, & Mirror – Toking Through To –

Love Me, Do – Dear

Begin – The Short Trail,

Very Short Path, To Love –

Then – The Long,

Dark/Bright, So Starlit Highway, To

Find Your, True Love –

How We Vote, To Find Our Love –

How Do We GetAway –

That Way Or

We Emote Then

– Do I

– Really Vote Me


– Or My Love

How We


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