Night Light Rainbows

Light Night Rainbows

(c) Leo G Campbell    4/6/2017      4/2/2017

Light Night Rainbows

Night Light Rainbows

Cascades Of Stars – In Arch Too

Mebbe Lost

Touch Some Where –

So Do

We –

Should We –

Should ‘nt You ?



Fine. U Du. It.

Lighthouses – Lighted

Belighted, Towers Of Castles


Their Towering Brightful

Sashay Delightley

Lighthouse Light –

Back, A Return, To

Gleaning From The

From Earth Too

The Stars & Their Varying,

Shimmering Starlight


I Mean Purview ‘A Preverting

InQuiring Enquiered Queer -Ing Mind

A View – Small – View Came –

On A Every Street Meet

Acolytes Rascals & Urchins Same

Cum I Mean, Came –

Still As Just Us

Having Come To These Mean Streets,

I Mean Ya Know Whut Th’ Fukk’n

Fuckish, I Mean I Mean?

& All The Same


Returning ‘A

Also The Castles, 2

Castles To

The Very Starry Night Sky

Lighthouses To

The Very Starry Star Sky

Splurging Huge

The Gushes Of

So Bright

It’s Gold Yellow True –

I’m Still



Late Night

Very Hard To See

Under Th’ Roily, Oily

Doily’d Chair With

– Waves B

– ‘A Comin’ In

Surging In Darkish Velocity Winds –

– For Me

– Or You

Easily Free

Time Two ‘O So

Very Much We Have Or


At Least, We –

Used Too

Rainbows Swim In Flowing Rivers, Of Oceans…

‘O ‘Course

Sue-Prize My Eyes –

Cross My Original Skye Eye Aye

It Passes You –

Pleasing Your Eyes, In –

Aye –

Eye It

My Way. Eh.

Night Light Rainbows


Swaying Their Light

Across The Nice

Silver’, & Golden Night Sky

Light Night Rainbows

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