Old A New Thing

Old A New Thing

(c) Leo G Campbell       4/11/2017

http://www.leocam2@msn.com     http://www.leocamwrites.com

Old A New Thing Strange

It Iz ‘Proceed

Footsteps To – Th’

Time ‘O Th’ Rime Marinating(c) Rage’n Raging –

2 Come To Hear Their Wisdom In My Words –

– Carved In Stone

Getting Stranger

Hunger 2 B Just So –

You Know Now –

It Jus’ Getz Sew Slippry Here –

How Brown

Roasted The Cow –

– Of Wood Would Interference Rememberance

Mebbe Some Sneak Romance –

– Etch’d Into Memory Intercource

InterOfCourse (c) & Chance

Of Happening –

U No God Girl –

Looks At Ever’Thing

Together In U –

– Time & Flowers Dancing –

Sway Blending Each Bye Th’ Oth’r

Whirling –

Skeletons Together Romancing Turning We

Or Is It That They Want Too 2

Luv Me – With And Us As You

Y Shall We C Go Due Openly

Love U, So –

Getawaye Us 2 U Find Us

Runaways Slaves Knavering

Knickering My Me 2 Seeking

Free – “‘O Ther’ Shackle Ankles” ?

A Gateway – To Promises

Having Been Given Us/For Us/ToUs & Due Us?



Fikk’n AAA Tripple Nipple A, Eh?

What Wuz BeLied Too

& Us?

Whut A Fikk’n Thing

& 2 Saye It Anywayez Rings

Ringo Rang Then

Surely I Am & Due Then –

I Mean – I Wuz… I Can…

Oh Ah

Brung Me Dragging

Figures Finger

Figger –

Slippin’ Up

Up On


Changes –

Proceed Amaze Tomorrow’s

News, Awkward It’s Allus

Found, ‘Spesscley In Yesterday –



Why Spring Into

Their Passing



Ain’t That Something

To Piss On I Mean Passion

Fruited’n Tasted Unbust’d


You Handed Me Before So Now

I Have Locked That Door So

– Any Licking Liquor Languor Lingering

Stop & Particularly

Where Went The Door Of Death? –

Ya Ask Me Later Someone’s At The Door –

Open That Door, Of Death,

Duz Death Hav’ ‘A Any Many Breaths Breathes?

Left? IZ That Right?

Ever’ Thin’, Th’ Dearth ‘O Death


Passes On

You Meet 3 More Doors, Of CoarceChoice (c)

To Chooze From…

– Rich Door:

– Middle Door:

– Question Door:

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