West & Country Song: “Are You Tired Of Walk’n Down” (Non-, Un- Xmas, Version)

“Are You Tired Of Walk’n Down”

(c) Leo G Campbell      4/11/2017

http://www.leocam2@msn.com      www.leocam2@msn.com

Are You Tired Of Walk’n Down

– Them Roads We Walked

– Meandering Through –

The Long

So Dead Empty Songs & Deeds

Just Gravel’d ‘N Tarred

Farmers Highways

With When

Dusty Greeny

Greamy Gardens Plotted Needs

Farmers Highways Again

Them So Far

So Unknown Now –

Alone Roads

– Of Love & Feelings

So –  When

Climate Change

Wham Whack’n Burnt Down



On The Range

Jerk MeOff Then



Mebbe I Say

Mebbe We Can Get Still It

On Again – Today? Mebbe –

Eerily Staid Got Down &

Laid A Darker Moonlight

Lighted In From Th’ Back T’was Lit


” ‘O Catfish Waters     ‘O Swarmy Things” –

– ‘An Don’ FerGit Th’

– ‘Resta Th’ Shit’ – ”

My Grammy

Janis Joplin Liked

T’ Scream Out, ‘N Sing:

T’ Sing Her Feisty For

Horny Honey

“Hot Bunny Buns” Grannie

Sings Swell –

Gambol’ng Skirts Lift’d T’ Th’ Ceiling

Love Her Dearly…


With All Her Best Feelings

Promised Joy Stroked



Being Stoked…

No – That… Wasnt It –

I Forgot Her Name

Just Last Payday T’Was

I Think, Last Tuesdays’r


Outing Herself In Church About

And ‘A Look’n Up To Mee

& Better Arsing FarWell Hail Well


Heller, I’m Still Yer Feller

Pall Mall Pell Mell Ill See You


The Hellbound Train

To Down

Get Down In Helltown –

Seeking My Daily Hungry –

Dollar Dole Fix From –

Scraped Off A Bottom From

A Rich Leather

Lather’d Shoe Sole

Their $$ Trillions Sales Stock

Traveled Over

Them Pock’d Pothole

Roads Of Our Country USA Eh –

History Sucks, Eh –

Has Attached To Me

Lunacy Launched With

Picnic BaskJet ‘O My Oh –

Them Dusty Now Frozen

HotThem Gothem Roads

Flatted Skunk Possom’d On –

Taxes Toast Gritz –


– Any Road

– Anyway

Mebbe Speak

Might Pay Might Rightly

Quietly Say:

– “You Can Try To Freak’n

– Piddle Piss On My Parade

But Then Jesus Died –

– Having Tried… Ya Jus’ Hafta Walk Away” –

– Piddle Piss UrAss Away

Them Roads We

Walked We Sure

Talked ‘N Fiddled ALot

Tired Of Walk’n Down

Those Roads We Walked


My Third Class Stowage

Training Ticket


Tak’n Th’

HellBound Train

Down Get Down

To Helltown Beats

Highways With When

Lathered Shoe Soul

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