I Watch The Dawning

I Watch The Dawning

(c) Leo G Campbell     4/15/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com     http://www.leocam2@msn.com

I Watch The Dawning

– It Cannot Be Rising


Real To Me –

Small Blue Sunrises



– In A Silver Lightening

– In A Bolt ‘O Lightning

You All

Small Blue –

Mebbe Purpled Too?

You Come Back

Cannot Rise To Me

Sun Of Dawn

Cant Rise To Me

I Look At Eternity –

I Pretty Myself I

Clean Up Swell –

Well Seeming


Outa My Shell

See Me On

As Seeen

Heers Johnny

On TeeVee –

Here Hear Me


Watchn You

I Wonder If I

Should Even Ponder ‘Bout

Eternal Whut & All


Dawning Watching Too

Watch Dawn Slip Up Blue

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