Hows It Bending

Hows It Bending

(c) Leo G Campbell     4/19/2017

Hows It Bending

Truly –

Bending Over For You

– Rolled Over

– Dipped Sacred Shit


In Clover – French Fried –

Sliced Bread, Desired –

Whole Wheat’d White, Too

– Got Ripp’d

– Got Served On A Saucer

Dried, Still Upscale –

A New Racy

Dipped, Dripping, One, Eh?

O Th’

Sanctity Of Anonymity –

Tide Me

Over Me, Rubber

Blind & Folded

Away, For A –

Just A Little Bit Longer – Eh?

Bent I Bent Over

Looking Here

Around Then Away

– Thats Me

Gets Me, By

– Whatever Will Save Me

– Tonite

John Lennon –

– Saint John The Lenn –


– To Lucifer Light Down Get Down –

– Down In Hell

In Th’ Helltown Saloon –

– Works For Him – He’s Dead… Ded

– Damn

To Free Me –

From Boring

Boredom Or –

Is It A


Is There Ever An Ending


Hows It Bending

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