I Visualize My Dad

I Visualize My Dad

(c) Leo G Campbell       4/20/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com     http://www.leocam2@msn.com

I Visualize My Dad

Way Better

Than Santa Claus

Died – Lung Cancer, 1972

Aged 66 Born April, 1906

He Was

So, Smoking – “Lucky Strike”, He

Struck Out…

Suck’d In – So Still So Many…

Gave In – Caved – So…

Many, Black Carbon, Particles

Nicotine – Could Not Save Nor

Find Medical

Miracles –

– Forget Nor Forgive Him

– I Guess, That Was Him

Cigarette Smokes “Lucky

Strikes” Your

Smokin’ Black Lungs

– My Dad O My Dead Dad –

Cigarette Cancer

– Ages You

To Cancerous Lung –


– To Death

Cigarettes –

I Grew Up, Watching Him

Smok’n Home’n

Car Stuffed Ashtray


Me – I

Miss Picture Perfect

Arrival To

Why My

Dad Missed – His Life

His, Good Better Best – Survival

Did Not Even Try

Much Less Except To Die


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