Time Dont Hurry God

Time Dont Hurry God

(c) Leo G Campbell       4/21/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com     http://www.leocam2@msn.com

Time Dont Hurry God Or Is


Jesus – Taking, All This – From My Mind?

– Will Not Look Nor Over

I Write For – A Wrath ‘O

Wrath Of Gods.Gods.Writes.


See Destiny Lack. Ca. JackOff.

Did It, Did? You – U Jerk

Yo – You – Seem’d, Awfully To

Awrfully (Scottish BullShite)

Know, That – When, Was That –

Was, Simply, & Wasnt – Was?

So, Now? Where? Do We Suffer First Then, We Actual

Meet I Am Victual

Also, You.

You Know That? –

– God Owns Time Don’t Ever

– For All Time Et Cetera

God Owns – Forever… & @ Too…! % $$ &

Times Too


– Every Last Day, & Tomorrow –

Ever Antiz… Apating

P’raps Awaiting ‘A Before?


The Rest ‘O Yesterday? –

Yesterday ‘O ‘re…

Rang Began – Again…

Rang To, Yer Pretty –


You So

True Thru Tru U B

Ever Thang You Began Before You –

Got God

Wrote Down


Jesus Christ Will Sit Down

Ratherly, In Godlike Leisurely –

Simplictity For

God Intense

Gently & Loving


Loving Brother –

With Me, He Will

Walk With Me, As


We Enjoy, Our –

Admire Along,

I Offer, Express, Confess My Sin –

Our Conclusive Path – So To Begin To

– Eter Dest W Xst –

Review Me – & With His, God Love

Theres A Dark, Luminescent Eyes,

– In Me

– I Seen, In

A Darkest Dawn I Was Waiting For

Black Door, Here, I See –

Of &, To – My Death – A Dark Door,

Swinging Slowly, Opens…

Its Open, To Me, Opening

Waiting, I Can Feel It,

Looking To –

Why, Is it Waiting

Why Who –  Is


Is… Are…

There, For…

– Diff’rent Death,

Or Deaths,

Different Doors,

Open & Choosing


Mebbe Hold Me , Or My Hand –

Through All My Life, Explain It,

All To Me – My Good, & My Sin

Resurrection Time – Jesus Christ,

Will Sit You Down –

– “Strango Revelation” John, So, Too –

– End ‘O Th’ Bible – Flam’n Destroy’d Biblical – He

Will Sit Down, For His – “Strango Revelation”

Get On, Get Down, Strango John

– Review, Th’ One That –

Mebbe – Strango John , Got Wrong.

Jesus Christ Will Walk Us & All,


Jesus Will Walk, Along Side, Me, We

Shall Step Along

Through My Entire Life’s Path,

He Jesus, The Lord

God Will Explain

– Why The Human Pain

The Un Acceptable


Torture, Terror, Poverty, Starvation, Misery,

Why Evil? O Lord? It Does Not Belong To Me

Nor – To Our – Humanity

Speaking Words Feelings ‘O Pain

Human Sufferings Again, Again –

Terror, Torture, Misery, Starvation, Humiliation

Why? O Lord Jesus You Know Suffering, Pain –


– The Tempting & Sin & Despair With Love

Explained By Jesus To Me

My Good, & My Sin –

Saint Peter Sits There, Too – He

Listens, Fingering, His God-Given

– Keys To Heaven –

Of, Heaven – Deciding For The Lord

His Jesus Christ –

Hopefully, Saint Peter Accepts Me

Mebbe You

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