Help Us Hunger

Help Us Hunger

(c) Leo G Campbell     4/23/2017

Help Us Hunger

To Find Out

Blessings To Kind

Womankind, Childs

Kind Man Kind’d

Kill’d With ‘A Sweep

Kindl’ng At His Feet, They Torch’d Him…

Burn’d Him… Sacrificing, To –

Flaming Winds?

I Guess Th’ Angels

Need Us,

Not, But –

Not – No But Angels Can

Sin 2 Do

What? Kinds Of Sin Do

Angels Need?  To, Do,

Oh Yes,

Ya Know –

Them Oh,


Than A Yes, Past No –

Civil Warr…

Kill It B

We Enter Those Sacred Dances

We Sack/Friced Chickens

Ya Ok Okay Mebbe I See

We Got Hunger

Us For Us,

2 Here – Reddy T’ Go –


Hunger Us, Too

– To Go

– Take

Out, Search For Better…

Strange Change

Find Out

Blessings I Guess?

Some’n Good In The Mess?

Help Us Hunger O

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