If God Made Me A Saint

If God Made Me A Saint

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/8/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com     http://www.leocam2@msn.com

If God Made Me A Saint

My Voice, Crying, Trying…

To… Harshly Go –

Get Away,

From, The – Desert Sands…

Th’ Winds… I Feel In…


My Mind, My Mouth

Speaking Out –

– ‘O My Minding…

– Saint Moth’r Theresa…

As I, Face –

Entirely, Into – Overturning – Or

So, See Are…

– God’s Winds ‘A Here

Are… Coming – They,

Into Now

So We & You

– Facing Entirely, Truly

To Mee… Youu…

Whee 2 !Q Religious Trying

Pretentious Many Have

Died Their Face Into ‘A – So…

– Strango John, ‘n – Saint, Saint’d…

So Biblical Less Than New

To Ponder, Exciting Why?

Whyy, Sacred, B…

Are U

Strango John –

Revelating Revelsating

Mebbe Reflacting

So Weakly,

Graphicly, So –

To… Saul – Paul – Comes On

Softly Bluntly

God Kicks Arses Off Them Horse —

Saul Paul

So We – Where

Are We Saul Paul So Saint’d

Entirely All,

Have A, Right T’ Know

‘O Saul Paul…

Awaken My

Awaken All Of U…

Then, Mebbe…

Set’m Free Allus All

God – Winds… Coming –

Round Now,

We & Th’ Sorting…

From All, Th’ Corners ‘O Th’ Globe…

I’d Pray

– Give Me

– LiftOff… O Lord –

– A Free Pass, Lord

From – Or – My Entry Thru Death’s Door…


A…  – Pleeze, Let Me…

– Stop Sinning,

– Stopp’n Spinning… &

– Mebbe Be… Eh

Better B

One ‘O Them, Saints?

Nominal Saint…

– Winning, In My Saint’n, ‘Hood

– Being, Ever, Good…

Satan’n, His…

– Bad, Serv’d W Evil, Why Lucifer

– Creature,

Satanic Bad Angel Ever Had…

Angel, Hoods,

Were –

– Never – Nor… Ever…

– Shall B…

That Good… –

Its So, Hard, – In My

– Blood Throbbing,

– Pulsing…

‘Hood, Now –


God Let Me…

Into Heaven?

– I Will…

Have, A Good Time



– So Much

Such A Time, See –

Angelicity & Simply


Heave’n Hell…

The Saints Care


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