Alternative PDX… SEA – Time

ZonAlternative PDX… SEA – Time 

(c) Leo G Campbell     5/13/2017     4/15/2017     www,

Alternative PDX… SEA

– Time

Time Zones –

Alternate Time –

Zones… SEA… PDX


They So Far…



Honk My Horney Tweety

What A Honied Treatie, To –

Slide’n Lick’n Suck My Fingers, ‘Roun


Stroke Step Into –

Dog Shit

Locate But Never Find –

Another Day Where

I Get It

Mebbe Ever

First Thing – Th’ Thang Rang

My Way – Say

Where People Go When

No Other Place, Will Do…,

– Will Do…

– Can Do – Be Any Better Than

Alternate Zones


Portland Oregon Time

Zone… Izzz…

Does Seattle Sizzle Wash – Care

Why Shoulda

Seattle Time

Wanta –

Live There?


That Turns Qualities ‘O Life

In Seattle

Steps To

You – In PDX


Pioneer Square –

I Saw

You There

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