She – Just To Know – What Ever So

She – Just To Know – What Ever So

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/10/2017

She – Just To Know – What Ever So

I Tried To

To Dance, To Lose –

My Soul Into…

Spanish Momento T’was

Twat – Whut? She, Gibbering –


Figuring –

I Listened T’ Her

She Sportify’n


Well I Swow –

Dancin’ T’ Me… Too

Puken’ Now –

‘Bout Her Concerns –


I Got, Roped Off,

Pulled Off –

My Ropen’ So Fireish

See My

Take A Lick – Burns, Mebbe

I Got Roped

They Say T’wasn’t ‘Raped’ As


We See,

Look At Them Then Sundry –

These Things –

Well, Whut Th’ Ho


Jerk’n Off,

Dop’n Off

Nodding I Ferget

– Things Out ‘O Pocket

Yet They –


Off, Well So I Do, Too

Sweat My Drops


Choice Our Surroundings…

So Silver Invisible Morning Dew

Quietly I Watch Squatt’n

On Th’ Meager Porch, Stoop – Aye I

I Watch My Plants Find Th’ Light, I

Grow –


Of Course You Know

Oak Big Doors,

Swung Lock’d

Into Dark Black

Dark Darkness I Seem

To Watch My Eyes I See Little

In Darkness So,

I Huddled, I Cried

In All The Dark Black That

Grief Supplied

I Am –

– A Child Of God

– I Am A Child of

– The Kingdom of God

Th’ Way I Felt,

I Want

Dignity To My God

Given Soul

Belongs To Me –

We Have, Left, United

Never Should Ignited Her

She Never Could –

Stood, In, Ah, A…

Friendly Way –

I View Them

Upside Down Do You

Like Them / Or Merely Me?

In Th’ Kindest Kind

Pullsating, As I Pulled… Them Down…

Nearly, Embracing

A Yellow Pink – Dawn ‘O The Sun

Coy, ‘Em On Em – I Say

Mebbe Good Fer – Now

At Least, No, Much Okay I Wish.

I, Why?

I Try T’ Study, Our Ongoing

Today I, OK OK


Do I Study You –

Looke – At You

Yer Hair, Eyes, Stiff Nosing

In My Face?

Yer Somewhut, Truculent,


As I Stand Out Trying

To See Out

To Grasp A Fine View – I

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