The Rains On My Roof

The Rains On My Roof

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/15/2017

The Rains On My Roof

Reigns Reigning Roof Reign…




The Ruins

I Find, On

FindOn Find On…


Licked Trudy… Trulie… Tillie. Trixie’s Cat.

“Wait. I Saw That.” …

Morris Morris Cat My Boy Orange

Gargfield’d Innocence

As A Stepp’dChild In –

Mebbe Immaculate Emmaculat’neSin –

Wanking So, So We Wankers, All

Pull’n With Gayley Steiner’s

Prom Rowdy Daughty

Bent. Slipp’d Rubberzz…

Laundry, Overall… I’s Say Mebbe

A Gross ‘O Two Or Three

Get ‘NGrasp Ayyy – Wait… It Feelzz – WOW!!!

Gotten, I Pull’d Light With Hardly

My V-* Engine Thust T’ Judg’ Depth…


My Old Parental House

Portland Oregon I

Lived Schlepp’d & Slept

In Naked CommandinoGringo

AmigoWellThrust’d In –

W An In… Bed

Mostly Stepped


At Night In The

Many Portland Oregon

Varied Vetering…

Changing Rains –

– The Sounds Changed

– The Winds Blew

From Another Place, Again –

Arranged My Thought

Prayed Away My

Childlike Sins

My Contritions –

To My Ear My Mind

My Sleep Coming

The Raindrops Patter

Often Fierce, But Still

Kindly –

– The Portland Oregon Rains

– The Rains On My Roof

Steeply They Often Fall

Thank You Raindrop Rains

Say It All

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