Christians Trance

Christians Trance

(c) Leo G Campbell      5/21/2017

Christians Trance

They All So

– Vera, Vara, Xstian

Like – Veet Nam Too

Unt: “Veni, Vici, Squished”

They All…

Got Up To Christian Dance –

Many Mostly Remember You If Not Me

Got There Hansz Upp…

Took An Uppity Sup From

A Movie “Crusaders” Indiana Film Cup Clip


‘O Life – Eh?

Yet, At That Sorta Christian Prance – Came:

– Strango John… Came To The Dance

– He Wrote “Apocolypse”

Was It… The End, Or


Strango, John, …

Third Booked Bible Story

Preaching: “End ‘O World” Very Strange –

Well, I Say:

Strango John, You:

Of Mebbe Crazee Flaming Eyes ‘O Fire?

Strango John, Pleeze Move On

We Do Not Need That



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