Blind Man Of Wisdom – His NYC Bricks

Blind Man Of Wisdom – His NYC Bricks

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/27/2017

Blind Man Of Wisdom – His NYC Bricks

I Went To NYC His House –

To Visit Him –

The Blind Man Of Wisdom

– He Had The Last House NYC…

– Inside, New York City –

Pretty Much


T’ween Oogly & Shittey –

He Let Me In His Door

I Sat Down In Mostly Dark –

I Say: “Pretty Darkness

Inside Your House, Today”

I Waited. “Okay?”

“Eh?” Said My Blind Man, His

Wisdom Began To Move, Radiate –

Illuminate, His Halo… Rises

Above His Head, And Around…

As He, His Halo, I Mean…

Lit Up, Our Room, Too Somewhat –

– Summat,  Grounded

– At Least, Somewhere,


Around Us –

Spoke Slowly, Terrifically,


Was It Terribly, To Me…

– “Thank You. I Had Them, Do Up,

– Brick Up, My Windows –

– No Need, For

– More

Light Of God, Than I Need, For

New York City NYC Utility”

&… Sanctuary… Utility Sanctity…

– True NYC

Was Any, Ambulance, Need…

– Hiroshima, Nagasaki

Atomic, & Hydrogen,

Major Bomb – Welcome To

Atomic Light, Mebbe To Again

Destruction, Japan

Massive Cruelity

To… All… Fellows

Right Outa Your Seeing

Beyond Yer Dreaming Blistering

Zeroing – In On – Pearl Harbor, Japan…

Ah, With Sunday Sun

Blind Blinding Blinding

December Seven

Awakened USA


Lion, Tiger… More


Suns Rays

Atomic Hydrogen Light Blaze.

“I Can See Through…

With My Mind, Thinking

Mebbe Intercede

Through To, The Outside… ”

I Said, “But What About NYC

New York City, The People? The

Noise And Visions, Happens,

Of Love Do

Wicked Hate, Say –


The Streets, The People Doing?”

Hong Kong China

And So, Spoke, This

Blind Man Of Wisdom:

“I Quietly Am Here, In


As Permitted –

The Other Side Begins

By The Lord, God Almighty –

– “I Hear, See, Think

Through My Bricks” – “I

Do Not


Any NYC New York City,

NYC Tricks…

Between… My Bricks

Oogly Nor Shittey, Sly Or Not.”


NYC The Blind Man

Of Wisdom.

Should Have Him Then, In Viet…

Veet Nam, On His

– Saigon’nd Scooter

– Riding Away


– I Stood

Outside His Door

Blind Wisdom –

NYC New York City All

Around Me

I Saw City Hall So I

Took Th’ Pissed –

The Blind Man Of Wisdom



– The

– Last House Inside

– New York City NYC

Oogly Shittey

Darkly Spoke To Me

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