Think’n ‘Bout Vampire Sam

Think’n ‘Bout Vampire Sam

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/28/2017

Think’n ‘Bout Vampire Sam

Don’t Everyman


&… But, Every One? I

Walked Into Him, In ’68

1973, Or Three – Than

Either Way…

– In The Mists Of

In Nam

Was It, His Nam. Too. Me?

– In… Country…

Obscure, Did They… Th’ Nam?

Obfuscate? Wuz It Too Late?


Swamps, Rice,

– Patties – They All Placate,

– Pay Their Pretty,


Opaque Obscure Waters, To Walk Through –

Into Americanism, “ClusterFuck” ‘d

It All,


VietNam. Ah… Face

Place The Retail Price, The Cost.

More Dead, In American Cemeteries!

The Varying Mists –

Swirl You

Across Lots… Sometimes

Spiritual’d & Drooled,

Your Dad, My Dad’s – Footlocker – Wood Box?

Secret Question:

“Wux Both, Or Dad, Who

Wuz A ? Fuck Sucker Ala Cock Suckere…

Extrordinere… The Answere

How’s My Derriere? You

Look At, Ever’ Time

Back To

Your Last Ggg… Girl

Or Boy, Or Many

Ships Ahoy,..

He – Staggering Out

Me – Swaggering In…

– So Trading Time

– He Actually Said,

– “They Made Me A Vampire”, He

Replied, “After I Died”,

“For Sorta, Life”.

But I Saw,

“I Wuz… Dead”.

In Time


Mebbe With Sin –

– “And, I Was Trussed Up”

– “Gussied Up”, With…

– “Dandied”

– Under Garments

  • Supplied, Striped, Licke’d & Figured In

“I Sighed”,

“I Was New – New,

– Vampire Sam –

From Veet Viet Nam… ”

In Country…

RVN VC Ho Chi Minh…

Military USAF Mission

– C-141 Lockheed

– Loads – Open Rear Ramp Drop

– King Of Thailand Had

– A Brahma Live Bull, 1,000 Pound… Need…

To Drop Off… Same As You…


The USA, War Time Need:

In The C-141 Military Aircraft Starlifter:

” – 48 Sentry Dogs, In Stacked 48 Steel Cages

– 2 Layers Stacked On Pallet Rails

Their 24 Young, Enlisted Handlers

Upper Dog Piss Pours, Drips Down On…

– Mostly, German Shepherds

– Sit, Watch, Stare

The 1,000 Yards Stare…

Controlling Their Care”.

Vampire Sam So Sighed

I Was Concerned That

Vampire Sam Had

Lost His Mind




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