Your Responsible Face

Your Responsible Face

(c) Leo G Campbell     6/12/2017


Your Responsible Face

I Saw It Again, Just Today –

I Found You

Craig’s List -ing

R U Listening???

To Your Left, Were 2 Girls Just

Your Age @


Thirty-Five Year,

‘O Of, Simply,

All Of U –

You Three –

Baby, Bend ‘O’re? Mebbe


My Shooe? In… As…

To Me

Do I Die Gasping ‘Ere

– A Grope O –

So, Goat Roping Off

Getting Off… Of Of…

Your Responsible Face

Is Romanch’n Me, TooSmootch

Do We,

Boook ‘Emm… Danno?

O, Danno?

Or… White Shorter,

Blondie Guy –

The ‘Loot’, Officering

Officer Actor

SoOften OfferSir Officeering

In Th’

Battle ‘O Th’ Bulgy Bulge?

Bulging So Whut

Then So What? Do We…

Book You…


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