The Green Ripper (Terrorism)

 The Green Ripper (Terrorism)

(c) Leo G Campbell       6/17/2017

The Green Ripper: A Novel

Note This is a USA fiction novel, by a popular American writer, John D. McDonald. It is a tale of terrorism in the USA in the 1980s. McDonald died in 1986, age 70, having published 500 short stories and 250 novels. His best known work, his last 21 novels, with Travis McGee, ex-soldier, as the hero character. The Green Ripper (1979) is the 18th novel.

My web log (or blog) is published via WordPress, around the world. At least 8 people in China have (or still) read it; 10 people in Israel; 35 people in Turkey; 5 people in Saudi Arabia; 5 people in India… supposedly Muslim territory, and maybe Isis land.

Compare today’s “terrorist” with The Green Ripper‘s terrorists. The novel is gripping, sad, and touching.

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