Older, You Can See

Older, You Can See

(c) Leo G Campbell      6/25/2017      6/2/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com       http://www.leocam2@msn.com

Older, You Can See

Other That,

Colder, The P’Raps


Start A Purge –

Old Mother, To –

” ‘A Miss.n – Me’ ”

Bye,,,  Miles –

Please, Yes, Take Your Place –

God Of Grace Takes


Remains Unchange To Too,

Your… Face –

‘A Turning – To Me…

Quite, Now… There…

Yearning, Seethes, On’a  Watch

Get Quite – More Older

Sitting Next To Nothing, But


Seeing –

Me… Also, Yeww…

‘O’er Our Shoulders

“A Stroken, Thru –

We’ll Cut…. Loose. In Tent I Mean Intense.

Goose’n Hose, The Glory Hosing, ‘O

Moose. Too,

High Into ‘R

Above Th’ Rott’d Chestnut Tree?

Maniacally. So. Like, Sorta, Me… Then

Fine. Then, Fren’

We… Need… Th’

– Tee Hee Time

Tinkle, The – Take One

Don’t Rhyme With Time…


Pay You, I’ll Pull Out –

Our Nickle –

I’ll Decide –

Dropped, Picked Up,

Hand Overe Ah

Brass Bronze Belt Buckle, But –

Ain’t Died, It’s Paid, See –

Our Fekking, Five Cents,


& Sit Here


Dear Lovely, Chickadee –

Hello, Here There. Right Down

Next To Me –

So Well, Fist Knuckles Swell –

How Do We

Get Older Swollen That

You Might See


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