Fright ‘O The White Man

The Fright ‘O The White Man

(c) Leo G Campbell     7/28/2017


Fright Of The White Man


A Waiting Another – See Many…

Nazi Negroed Jewish

Swat Swish’d With

– Tons Of Bricks’n Bombs Dropped –

Been Dropped  On. O Hey Noww…

– Assorted,

Mix’n Match –

We’re A Looking Round…


WorldWide Universally Universal’d See


Marshaled Yards Of Millions –

Delivered – This To Death Extra Express’d –

Not I

Outa – A Colored Van…

Railroad’n ‘N Nazi Boxcars’ –

Deliv’ry Man White’d, So Sure…

Glassy Eyes White A Redshot –

Man It’s Clear… You

Wuz Drunk – So… Here

I Thought At The Time:

– O – Hey, There… Boyo

– Me? I’m A Good – ‘Ole Boy…

Southern Error

I? Frighten Easily ‘O…

Them Blacks, Lemme Tell It

To You…

Them Nazis Too Were

Afraid ‘O The Jews…

So, Lemme –

– Axe You? Not Just You –

How Many Jews

Does It Take To

Hang, Lotsa Nazis –


Their Jack Booted Feet – At Dawn…

Get It On…


A SS’d – Death’s-Head – Nazi Hat Emblem’d

Of A Pin?


Or Fight…

Pleeze Drop Off Your Fright

No Snickering Here

Colored Tights Knickering



At Jesus’s Feet

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