You Strange Me –

You Strange Me –

(c) Leo G Campbell      July 28, 2017

You Strange Me –


I Have

Scene And I Done –

Different On –

Getting It

Most Along, Most On

Many Get Off


Many Just, On…

Or, ‘O Only…



Or Mebbe, Mondays

Sang  – The River Rats Song

Monday Mondays

You Go Out, ‘N…

You Got It

On Wrong

Do A Job On


Hard Ons – In Some Way –

Strange, Sample, Taste

Testes Penis Uses

Th’ Plusses

Octoplus’d Testicles

Other Fleshes, Away

Sorta Drifting

Babbling Babble –


Drilling’n Differing

Tastes In Thrill – WakeUp

Me. So

What Do I –

Am I

Anything, Anyway,

My Current Doctor – WhatEver Is

Chopped Livery


Whatever Which –

Weather’S Weathers


A – Coming

Is It Horse Feathers


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