Lost My Way – Into Eve’s Garden

Lost My Way – Into Eve’s Garden

(c) Leo G Campbell     8/7/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com      www.leocam2@msn.com

Lost My Way – Into Eve’s Garden…

– Eve’s Field

– Eve’s Baseball Friends Afield

It’s On You…

U Flung

Bat Shit Inna’ Wind

Edison Union Stadium Field

Whut We Squinty At’n – B

See’n Right’a Here –

LH Pitcher Eve


On The Mound,


Inta’ Th’ Wind… Whilst

Whinding Propelling Up –

– To Throw The

First Or Last

Base Ball Pitch –


The BaseBall Game

With Unlimited Extra Innings…


UpYa Gents SoFar

There’s Golf’s Fore… And So

Your Balls – Went Go

Is It Only Unformal

Jerk’d On’n Then… Off –

Dress, We Do Th’

Toff Regular Uniform

A Major Leaguer

U Bet

Baseball Get Down

Gown Eve’s Uniform,


Same Time, Again?

Oughta’d Ouughta Be, A Style?

A Mere Fig Leaf… Not…

By Now?

Round Her Garden –

A Camel Walks

A Swell Mile –

Try’n Then Too –

To Balance On All

Slippery Ice –


As They Cast Dice

Mebbe Were They

Where There

Gardenn-iere… Scheming

Grass Greens

Whilst His

& Hers, Finally Dried


And Pissed

The Used

Ball Park IPA

Lager Beer



Lords Hover’d O’er –

Them Too –

Well Met – A Pamphleteer

Thumbed ‘Oer – A Travel’d

So Many Epic Episodes…

Manic – They Were Stressed, Then

Dipped Down Be It Come –

Depress’d – Unfold’d

Travel In The

– Casey Stengle’s & Ken Kesey’s

Cookoo Nest – Come

It’s Only Hard Ball…

This Time –

It’s A Fly Over, Not

A Drive By… Home Run –

Pole-ece Are Notified &

Are Standing Down –

UnPamphlet Pamphlet’d

A Phamphleteer Cheered

Brought Me With My Ticket

Inning A BallPark In

The Garden Of Eden –

Eve Scratches, Then Screams:

“Play Ball Mebbe To –

– Go… Xtra Innings?”

Eve Stood, Wound Up, At Th’ Pitcher’s Mound –

Lefty Eve, With A It’s Really Her

Pitcher’s Glove

Hides How

Her Fingers Tighten

– ‘Round Base Balls Love’ –

Scratch At Her Only –

Hard Ball, Then

Grasp On That…

Her Right’d Knee Lifts High –

Eve Tight Pivoting To The Home Base

Right Shoe Front, Down Toeing

Bar Under Her Cleats Th’ Shoe, Too –

– Toeing on Down

Touching Hard DownTown

On The Pitcher Bar –

Eve Always Likes T’ Play

Bitch Then Pitches


Sitting In My Lap, There. I

Mean, Here

I Found – Eve Mebbe In Her

Hidden, Lap Dance Dancing

In Any Or Just


Lost Garden..

– At A Bar In Hell

Down In

Helltown –

Sitting So – In’ At Th’ Long Bar’s

– Any Angels & Any Humans –

Hell TownBar And Saloon –

Looney Yer Tuned To Until

Th’ HellTown Bar

Gets T’ Knowed Ya, On That –

Stage Of Rage –

In TranQuillity

And Silently. Buddha’s Standing

John Lennon’s Applauding

Then, Eve Walks Thru Th’

Saloon’s Swing Doors –

Like So…

Should, I, Very… Calm Down,

Eve, In Reality –

Truly, Love ?

Right Now,

– Her This

Kiss It Mye Be

Bye I Had Been, Her Ice Cream –

I Dropped The Last Best Scoop –

On Eve, Bye A Very Nice

Was It An Icey Wet Dream

Dream’ng Being On

Her’nHis Ice Skates

With You Eve –

And My Ice Cream –

Eve Heard Th’ Bells ‘O

Twinkly Little

Sparkly Cockle Shells

Whiter Than Bright


Cockle Shell’s Mid

Nights I Shivver Still

Might Shoot Or Just


Twer’nt Hells Bells Where

I Had Come From – I Thought


Th’ Nice

Ice Cream Man’s Truck

I Mean: It Trucks Ice Cream

To Not, Any More…

Dwell In

The Dark Grey Corner,

Yo Hunched Down,

Peering –

Yes, I Knew Or I Now Know


Eve: I Scream At You

Mister Ice Cream

Main Man –

Bring It Here – I’m Eve –

– Bring It All Down, I Am


Evenly Eye, Get It

Down All Down For –

I Scream For…

Eve’s Ice Cream

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