Red Ryder & Little Injun

Red Ryder & Little Injun

(c) Leo G Campbell       8/19/2017     8/2/2017

Red Ryder & Little Injun

Sat At

Their Nightly

Cowboy Campfires –

Little Injun In His Own Pajamas –

Red Ryder’s Tofu I Mean Toga TuTu;

He Sometimes Dresses Female

‘After The Fires Had

Died Down And

The Spotlight Was

Turned To On, Then

Th’ Cowgirls Came…


Crept In

To Conversation

At Least –

“Red Ryder” Quoth To

Little Injun –

“Why Do

Cowboys Die?

Seems They Still

Come’n Go Gett’n

Cowboy Cowgirls… On?”

“Little Injun. Don’ You

Know” –

It Don’ Mean – Shit

For Finer Words….

Write To:


P.O. Box 666  Route 66


The Lil Red Rider Injun Fix

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