Whilst Writing With Wine

Whilst Writing With Wine

(c) Leo G Campbell     8/19/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com     http://www.leocam2@msn.com

Whilst Writing With Wine

Rarified – Is The Time…

To Shakespeare, Write –

Mebbe Drunk,

& Mebbe Also…

With Speares To Shake,

Brandish – Then Throw

Mebbe Push Pen Into

A Chaste Casche

Thoroughly Through

So As U 2

Betch’a Choice –

No. Not Eva

To Write…

Now, Put Yer Pen

Ur Fren’ Allowed U

2 Keep

Strok’n Your Little..,


Pen Of… Wine…

With A Whine…

Emoting Gallons

Wine White Then Red


That He Feels

The Strife Of EveryHuman…

Writes It Down

In Veritas…

Drops Drip Fall Then Drop

Then Begin To Roll

– To Roil Human Souls




Of Little



Do It, Cheers

Do It Again

My Fren’

Come From –

Canons Fired At It –

Whilst The Surly

Ocean Seagulls, Still

Shun Me

Before – No, After


Kodak Of The Lost Souls


Mebbe Ded –

Mebbe T’was –


“Some Comes Home, Muchly Alone”

From Ever’ Which Way –

Verity May Be Truth

Near ‘R

After Th’ Mid

‘O The Night

Whilst Writing With Wine

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