Three Sides To A Fence

Three Sides To A Fence

(c) Leo G Campbell       8/30/2017

Three Sides To A Fence

– Or – Several

– Or – Many Dazzling,

– Curious, Any

More Sides –

To See. Maybe, And

Mebbe Ye Shall

Hear –

My Story:

My German Shepherd dog, Victoria, had a barking nuisance problem, affecting my urban neighborhood. I had to leave, go to work – to my job, every morning – leaving Vicky out in the fenced back yard, for the day.

She was a young, vigorous dog, and would run miles all day, in an oval dirt path, around the yard.

When the garbage/sanitation crew, arrived in my driveway each Monday, they would reach over the fence, lift up my garbage can, empty it, and return it to its place. Vicky would be barking furiously, all the while.

She was not a vicious dog, only was – just guarding our territory.

The barking problem,


Over beers, I asked a friend –

why, was Vicky so concerned, barking so furious – when the garbage man came.

She sipped several beers, whilst she thought…


“The garbage man, he – is stealing your – garbage… Vicky thinks.

She sees – a theft –

of your – property.”

My garbage?


Another side

to this, the issue, there is…



third side – to

the two sides of my fence…

I had not seen,

nor thought about, before.



3 thoughts on “Three Sides To A Fence

    1. Hi Gabriel – Victoria was a young German Shepherd, weight 80 pounds, loved to fetch her big rubber bone. I would throw the bone into various bushes without her seeing the throw – she would go straight to her bone, every time – she “air scented” (followed the scent of the bone left in the air).

      I named her after Victoria Falls – her name got shortened to Vicky… she kept up the barking, the neighbors complained. There were two young men, moving to Montana, who would be out in the woods and forests – so I sent Vicky to Montana, with the young men.

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