An Angel Cried He

An Angel Cried He

(c) Leo G Campbell      10/19/2017

An Angel Cried He

– Out Of His Head

– An Angel Said

He Writes Things –

Words Down, Arranged

Kind Of Like & Spaced

– Doing The Times By Rhymes –

Time Studies

Doing The, To & You –



Last Any Angel Then –  Or Here

The Human The Where, And, As,


It Means When

Such Of –

Any Angel Shit

And Also In Dreams –

Human Things Lives

Their Bad Good Better Best

Things Wrote Down

Blessed As Needed:

Times, Rhymes –

Stacked Mortared Bricks

Thick As, Arranged

Where, And Is – What If Any… Dreaming…

Going On, In Any – Angel Mind?

– A Turned Angelic Head

– Cleans Up

Well, Pure An Angel Said

– “Whence Comes The Last Angel?” –

O – Out…  Out’a Hell?

To And You

Ask the Angel…


Any-Angel – Unnerstan’, Or …Ken, Where Due…

Write Things Humans?

Another Angel Said.


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