Found A Better Way

Found A Better Way

(c) Leo G Campbell      10/20/2017

Found A Better Way

To Bee…

I Found It, Say –

Under Utterly – Beyond

A Megabe

Mega Hay Hey

Mysterieee Star…

Lifting, Drifting

Cloudilly Gently, Away… Then…

– Cosmic Black

– Came Back –

Startling – But –

Comes There… A Makeup

So What –

But Not Today –



Blackish Licorce Ice

Meltish, So I –

Looked Below.

Believing It Sure All –

Then Black, Cosmically…

Started To Snow – Small Tho


Blackly Became… Sparking

Snorking, Starlings Strangely

Black Snow –

Gaming With String

Netted Minded Mended Lingerie

Saggings Laggings With No Label –


Springing Strut

Strung Out

So Whut Trout

Making Sparkling

Stringlings – Sew Strung

Karaoke Song Follows Silently

Along –

Out So All

Ready To Go, To…

Better Bester Boistier

I Found It…

– Roister Doister Doo Dah –

Noisier I –

– Found A Better Way

I Found It

To Be

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