We Are

We Are

(c) Leo G Campbell       11/4/2017


We Are

Pass Time


At Yew…

We Stand Up, Try Then, We

Last Things, Love? 2? Just Pass Away…

– “Peaceful & War…

Just Die, But Do We Have, Too…

Piss ‘Em Away – Or, Off…

Get Off When You Can

Feeling Real – ”

Fine, Thank Yew.

‘Thot It Wuz Spam

Culture’d & Real”

Maybe It Iz

Bester Thatta Why? I Mean

Just Pass Piss

This Too Passes Away – Away – Gone


Nothing, At The Least –

To Say?

Did We Stand, Just There –

Oh, So Did We,

St Stephen Maybe… ? You ?

– Why… You, St Steven Stephen Steve –

Gotta Believe

We Did, We Were –

You Shoulda Saw Us In

Spectacular Boogie

See All Th’ Dancing Stars Lighted So Mo Me

StandUp, For WhatEver

Came, Oh, It Came…

– Down

– As Like Oregon Portland Ore,

PDX Rain

We Came

Boldly Stood

– “EverBody Pulled Their There Socks Up… ”

Strut My Stuff Time Just After

Beer Time For

Lager 3.2% Beer

Beer Time

Up As, Always, We

Olympia Weinard Blitz Pabst Near Beer

Did Fine, We

Suck’d Down Got Down –

Did Fine, We

Did So Very Good, Then

Stood Across The Line


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