Two Days ‘Til Tomorrow

Two Days ‘Til Tomorrow

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/25/2017

Two Days ‘Til Tomorrow

And… There’s Sainthoods, There, Somewher’…

‘N There Were O’er A Oxbow Rainbow

There, It Were Warrr ‘n… Why?

An’, I Had Been…

I Bin… Hopin’ My Good Laughters…

– It’ll Last Me

– Two Days More

Mebbe A Way…

Past, Th’ Next Tomorrow…

Passed Bye? Next Tomorrows? Did You Say?

Until Perhaps –

– Death Sometimes

Arrives Late… –

A Tomorrow Too

Late To

RollerSkate Hates So –

I Look Over Th’ Impressive

Sanctity Of For Being A Sinner We Skitter A Linking Rodent Ratz

Such O’



I’ve Been –

May We All Speak


In Strong, There So

I Saw –

A Dearth Of Parsons – O’


Why Don’t You

Pray Yer That Lucky Prayer?

Beathe Death Easy With

Your Breath Finding Love…

Pointer: Watch Capture Death

Be No Friend Of Death


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