Honesty Is Sincere

Honesty Is Sincere

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/27/2017


Honesty Is Sincere

– At Least, When It Left Here

It Was Sweet

Nearly As Much


A Human Infant Smiling.

– (Query: Are They – Are There, Infant Angels?) –

Are All They, Too…

To Tell Me, You See: Chosen Bad Or Good?

– And Just Where We Or My Eyes Should An

Arrow Shoot

Roooty Toot –

Robbin’ Hood? –

Loooking – In – Your – Eyes, Eyes

(c) I Mean,

For Feelings Of Some…

Meager Yet Jugular Deeper

Love… Without Hate Creeping In

(c) – SomeLove

– So Love Some,

Not Quite Ever – Just The Same, At Least…

So I Ask Her, So You Can Just

Axe Me…

I Say Sleaze, I Ask ‘n Then

Bein’ Axin’ Yer Name… Away

Yer Gone, Evil One. From Here Forever…

Still U B Lucifer A Light One –

Got A Light?

Lucifer Does… Still Created

By His Almighty God. Amen.

A Great Good’n Angel Too…

Still, Yew Bee, Creature

Lucifer, Light –

Cannn… Yer… Hear Me Satan?

Annd… I’ll Have S’More I Mean,

S’More Honesty

Stops Terror, Torture, Fear, Misery

Sincere. Here.

Signed, Then

Honestly. Amen.

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