We Fly Our Better Magic Carpets

We Fly Our Better Magic Carpets

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/23/2017       12/15/2017


We Fly Our Better Magic Carpets

– Our Magic – On To – Command… A Surmised…

Cold Star Rev Up, That Carpet, Up… Seems Aye A

Path To A Destiny… Whilst, Why?

Dream’d To Him Then

Then Dream’nt,

Awhile, Then… Dreamt About It’s

Weapons Delivery Platform

Performs… $…

The, “O – My! Route!” –

Promised Now Does

Weapons Delivery Platforms A


Route And – & Then, You

Start Begin Again Surely

A Do, Little “Pitch” Out.



Out – From In – “Our Better”


Of Family Dog, Being

And Of Well Hung…

Allowing Our

Better Magic Carpets…


Swing’n Dog Dick – Becomes…

Then Cums & Then Became A

Flying Ding Wang… A Thing

Better To Be,

Can We Dang Ring

Ring- A – Ding

Wing Ding These Things, All

At Dawn?

Arising, To –

To – Nice, Magic Horizon

Do Die, Rilly

Rilly Dilly –

Think I Thank Yew

– Rilly Dilly – All The Way, Through

Ride A, Then…

Ride On…

Find Th’

A Train, ‘N

A Couple Times Again

I Wancha Want, Too –

Magic Better

That A’ Gett’n Better…

Finest Carpet Ride, Etc. &

& Carpet Ride –

You See, Betters – All… Th’ Way… Along

Ways, That

You Try To Try To


You Stride

Where… Shall We Go…

On To…



Much Understanding

MisBelieving Evolving From

The Setting Sun –

O, Of My – Outer OutSide,

Blues View

– Truth, Me & You –

You Only, Possess

The Way,


I Shall Love You…

Did You

When The P’raps, Went Away?

See & I Say…

– Strange Dawns…

– Sun Rising – Can, And,

Comes Up, Upside Down…

Guess, Ya

Did No –

Not Know That – White People – &

Sun Happens

Happens – Mebbe Away & Onto –

Our Jazzy, Magic…

Carpet Ride?

You Allus Snidely


Describing, To Mee…

“Where To? All Over, Swiftly…

Shall We Do, A, Aye, Mate –

When Shall I Find My ?


“Put On Them, Roller Skates…

With Your Magic Carpet Ride…

Then… ”

Ride & Glide Into –

“Where, Too?” Do We Reely – Need – To Buy

With Our Form, Of, Yer Dollah’ Bill

Green Back, Dollah’s

S’wuts Whut

– Yew Got

– Right There

Pays Some Bigger Bills – From

In That Pew,


Well Yer Seated Now Still

I Lika’ Tew Usz… I Prefer To Enjoy

Feel’n My More, Harmonic,

Emblematic Too Romantic Tho’ –

A Betta’ Purr ‘O Mine Engine…

Do We Fly All Over

Our – Over Again

Then, Lives… Can…

Fly All Over? So

On Our Magic Carpets


Dodging Rockets We

Do As We Ride –

Where Over? Where On?

Wher Be The Sun?

Naughtily Naught

Got Caught

Air Plainsz

We Got

Knot So Not No

Much As

What Hath God Wroght


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