Would You – Log On – For Me? Here I Be A’ Waiting For Xmas Jesus

Here Filling Time Waiting In, At Christmas Eve

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/24/2017


Here I Be Waiting More

Little Mouse In The Manger…

For Me, Than You – Thank You

– Christmas Jesus –

– “The Christmas Mice” –


– A Christmas Mouse –

Here – As The

As The Indisible – An Invisible


Across – Christmas, Sacred Winds…

Jesus Blow – Causing

Scads Of – Shifting


Gladding, Glittering, Such A Glistening…


Pretty – And They – Are, They Really Silver? Sands…

You – Can See, That…


Doncha… Know? Whilst Ye –

Be A’ Scratchin’

Posted At –

– Ye Got Locked On

To My Six

My Strict – Six O’ Clock Fix


Jonesing…, ‘Bout Round…

– My Back –

Would You –

Lounging, As You Sometimes Do

Log On – For Me? Here?

I Be

– A’ Waiting Soul

– A Person I

– Be An Human…

Well, Hell Here

We All Go A’

Watchin’… Waiting

A Great Wait…

Thanks Jack For


Hard-On ‘Bout

My Fist

I Mean Fixated On

Yer Mental List Jack’d



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