How Much – Does Jesus

How Much – Does Jesus

(c) Leo G Campbell       1/18/2018

How Much – Does Jesus

– How Much Does Jesus Hurt –

As In

The When – Of God

He Is Word Done


“Your Mine Or

Our Sin” One The

Do It Be

– “It Is Finished” –

Christ: God Father bI Have Died”

Originalia Freshez… Arse’d Ass… l…

As, That…

Aiee And

All Of That…

So, We Can, Remember Things…

From Th’ Times… That Have Passed Us

Past As

– How Much Does Jesus Cost –

– How Do You Much –

Pay? Lost – As Such? Is There Any…


Come Hell High Water

– Today To Cover Yester Says

Aiee And

– How Much Does Jesus Take? –

– Just To Pay The Rent?

– That We Know

You Ye Pay…

Aiee And

– He Jesus Owns… It All… –

So, Anyway

– Did Jesus

– Say “HI”

– To You Today?



Would Jesus Take… You?

So Anyway

Whatever Is

Aiee And



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