North Of California

North Of California

(c) Leo G Campbell      3/29/2018       1/27/2018       1/9/2018

North Of California

In God’s Own Land


Songs Often, To –

Help To Get Along With It

With Prodigious

California Copious

– Pigeon Statue Shit

O Portlandia – Portania – You’re It –

– Here Is – Us – Why, We’re Done

It Is – That – In, Really

Reality Nowe…

Now How

In Oregon – North Of California –

Yes We Met The Enemy

– “She Izz Mebbe A… He.. ” –

Another Tee Hee, To…


Yup, Heerzz… Us

Funny – We’re

Portlandia Cascadia Portania Rosaria

Nike To – Bulemia So Too

Rich Nike – In

– Bologna Queerly Shatted’n ‘

Sifted, Mebbe Shitted – Again

Just Tell, Say To Us, “Shit Ye, “Again!”

Shit’d – Shist ‘O The Nike – On A 2 Speed Bike

Hee Hee Here…

North Of California… In –

O – Re – Gone

Listen In,


– Yer Brain Cells, A’ Glistenin’ –

– In The Rain By The Sun –

– A Different Time

– To Be

– Listen’n In

Than Here, Or

Now, On A

Old Radio

Or A

Land Line

Cellular A

More – More Luna


Than There Here

What Is It? In Oregon

We’re North –

– “Hi California… ” !!! – ”

Of There…

Nooe Moore Hotellz California

Doncha’ Know

North Of California –

Just So


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