No Old Starved Children

No Old Starved Children

(c) Leo G Campbell      4/10/2018

No Old Starved Children

But – We Got – Lotsa New…

Starving Chillins…

Children Starving Right Here


And Everywhere

Every Corner

But – We’re – Fresh Out

Freaken About


Old Starved Children

After All That…

Ye Can Whilst Eat Eating


You See Differently

Taking Your Seat –

Your Plate Is Getting

More Full – Here

Than Perhaps, Now

There, And Starved –

The Unstarved Too –

Not Going Anywhere


Quite Whilst

Carving Up Yer Own…

A Defrosted Now Gay

Dethawed Dethroned

From Frozen…

Cold Turkey, That Way

You’ll See Differently

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