Upon Being A… Bipolar Mind

Upon Being A… Bipolar Mind

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/21/2018


Upon Being A… Bipolar Mind

Not Quite Knowing,

A Left,

Is It,

Truly Lame Brained

Brain’d, Sorta To

Too Also Find

The Right Of Me,

You Must See Me…

So I… Always Feel…

I Always Try… To

Go – I Try – To Enter, All Gating

I Walk Thru Miles

Gates Passed – Thru Me

Mindy Windy Cindy Big Cities Grief

Screedy Hard T’ See Mostly

My Mind

Am I Certain That

I’m Allowed Here, To Enter… ?

I’ve Got Here… My Bipolar Mind…

Upon Being

To Owning Up,

For, To Do

My Stand Up…

Anywhere? I Stand, My Shoes


Looking Down

My Feet, Shoes

Carefully Placed Together,

I Wish, I Want,

To Stand Tall, With

My Bipolar Mind –

With Me. Also

Standing Tall Alongside,

Beside Me… Please

Too, It Certain Deserves, That

And All

The Rest Of Me

And You Too Possibly…

Find You Are

Upon Being… Found… Find…



A Sound Bipolar Mind

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