Born To Portland

Born To Portland

(c) Leo G Campbell      6/24/2018

Born To Portland

I Here Be

In Oho Ree Gone –

A Native Born In

A Juneteenth Month Of News…

Oregon USA LLC WWW America USA Oh Yeah – LLC TOO

– Injuun Whiteey Neegro Chiink –

Queers Jews LGBT Not

Like – Some Of Me Fondly Friendly

– All Of You That Are – Losers Sit


Write S’as Yer Names On The Walls Then

Shit Alot – & Listen To –

Fuk’n NPR, OPB, Or… KBOO

No KIKS Serial – From KEX

Oh Ya, Tack On There,

LLC Too – Then

Carry Your First-Born,

In Portland Ore To

The Execution, To The Firing Wall


I Might Be Born Out’ghta Good Samaritan,

Hospital… Maternity… But

I Stand Mightly Tall

My Dick In Your Hand

Hardly There…


Out’ghta Otta Otta Otta

Oufgtha Oughta

Mebbe I Just… Dropped Out, On East Burnside –



Get Back On Yer –

Yer Shitty City Hall So Sturdy –

White Horse PDX –

Ride – Yer – Mex –

Chink –

Darky –

Whitey Back – Go


Get Down On To

SomePlace Street… You Know The One –

Adorned With

Teasing Sees That Our

Newest Money Grows… On Trees

So We All Fall

To Our Knees

Orgasm In Oregon

Style One Of Our Best Here’s –

Th’ Wild, South, Portland Ore, Wild Side –

Poor Feisty Watchful… Homeless People

And All The Rest

– Okay –

Their Push Grocery Carts Are

Notta SafeWay To Or Freddy Meyer –

Hard To Push, Hard On – To Ride On –

With Such A

Hard Onto – Was It You Or

Simply Mee…

Needful Summat ‘O That

Most Frearful Money Tree

They Called Out To – Th’ Cops – Who

They – Wasn’t There Cops

They Cops PDX – Was Out Gett’n Done

Whut Kind Did You Say That Cops PDX

They Wuz Off Gett’n Some?

To Answer In 911

Portland Ore That

Union Avenue Th’ Cops Got Off On

ICE As In – Migrate

You Spic Suck Back Where To –

I’m Just Not – A’ Tell’n – Anymore I

Cleaned My .45 Colt Revolver Gun – Last Night

Hair Triggered

Silver Power In Pretty Balanced Steel Fights

Does Just… Whut I Feel

To Do…

Quick Nick

Fashion Hard Ons

I Feel –

Selected & Tasteful –

There I Go Taking It On To Go I’m

Bett’n On The – I Mean – My Come

Just My Want’n Desiring

Expiring Blow Off

By Blow Blow Me – Again

Folk – They Be Mostly Good People God

Seem – A Safeway Store – To Them… Mebbe

Fred Kroger Freddy Meyer

Inc. Oh Yeah Also (Mebbe) LLC Too –

Have You –

Crossed Me

Off The List – At Freddy’s Today? PDX

– Gooses Money Looses It From Off

Of The Dollar Greenbacks Trees –

– “Dollars Is Us” –

We – Shall Pee, Dave Or Mave

Just Dancing Nicely

On Your Grave

Just Like We Did

On Last Tuesday

‘Twas Yer Dues Day, I Wrote

Inc. Money LLC – From –

Help Us Portland Ore – Lord Pleeze

Some Of Us If Paid Will

Say We Be

PDX On Our Knees

Mebbe A Bit More…

Dollahs, Here? Implore You In The Name… Of…

Name It Lord, Sorta Mebbe, A

New Our Father? Rote

Not Much Like The Jewish Way

That Jesus Spoke

Give Us A… Super Score Here

In South North, Mebbe Also The

East West… Of PDX

You Such

Maybe Mebbe Know Where – I…

I Just Got Up’n Drained The Lizard…

I Just Awhile Ago

Too Toook A Pee’n

Samuel Adams Rental Beer

Beer Rented ‘N Released Pissed

One Of These-

My Meager Thoughts – Surmises…

Forgot Judgments Too Consider

And In Sitting In… Why

Pissing & Shitting… In…

Portland Ore

Bay-Bee Ya Mine



Way Back In My Whorin’ Days

Summat ‘O That Was Fine


I In My

Own Little World

Portland Ore Here

Don’ Make Me So Sorry Sore

Anyway Not Much Such

Anymore It’s Good To –

Be Born To Portland –

Rais’n My Hand’n, Be ‘n That I Be Of

The Northern Yet Still Southern

Canadian Descent…

I Be So Left Handed, And Such…

I – Hear You – So Loud That I Say

To… Yew…

Screw You Too

My Left Palm’n On My Left -+


In Portland Ore Attending I See

– I Feel –

So Well

A Nice Place To

In Being, Be –

Something, To…

Absorb So Many Graces

Very Nice

Places Nices

Swell, You May You Just

Go To Hell, Then See

If I Be A Care n’ Karen…


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