God’s Martyr Prays

God’s Martyr Prays

(c) Leo G Campbell       6/28/2018


God’s Martyr Prays

– I Am The Human Race –

I Am About To Die

Upon The Morrow.

Angels’ Devils Cannot Die…

Angels Devils

Are Never Martyrs…

Is There

Any Of

Mine Sorrow… Today

Or There

To Be… At The Morrow?

I Wonder, But I Know

– Angels’n Devils Don’t Die

– Little About The

Correct Way, Ways

– Of Die… Ing… How To Die?

– Never Ask An… Devil’r An Angel

God Bless All Humans, We

About – Shall Die Salute

If Not

Today, There’s Always


Dearest Jesus

God You

– Know How To Die…

– You Did…

Jesus You’re Not An Angel…

Please Hold

Our Human Hands –

I And We

Must Learn What It Is

Show Us How

To Die

Never Ask An Angel

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