Big Dark Hulking, Looming, Haystack Rock

Big Dark Hulking, Looming, Haystack Rock

(c) Leo G Campbell       6/30/2018

Big Dark Hulking, Looming, Haystack Rock

Looming, So – You’re The Rock

You Stand Tall

Hulking Big Dark… Sorta Tall

Likely Darkly Carved…

On, For 100,000’s Of Years…

By The Ocean

Waves, Wearing You

While They Wore You…


On A Sandy Beach

– As Far As You

Have A

Big Rock Reach

Simply Just, Want To See –

– – And – To – –

Be Seen…

Dark Hulking, Looming, –

Big, Dark Looming, Haystack Rock

I Want To

Make You Go


Only My Play

Huge, Still – I Will

Tip Over –

That –

Haystack Rock… To…

– On Its Shoulder

– Rocky Rocky Rolls

That Rock On Its Side, Then

I Will

Push Upon It Then – It’ll Roll…

Rolly Rolling, Haystack – Rock’n Roll…

For A

Sorta Rocky, Rocky, Roll…

Just My Ride On

Down The Beach

Haystack Rock’s Side,

Rock On, Slide

It’ll Be A Sure Slide

Whilst Haystack Rocks


On Its Side

Meemeey Me I

Take My Rocky Ride

Shall Take My, Now –

Rolling Haystack Rocking Rolling

Down A

Sandy Dandy Seaside Beach

Just By The Ocean Me

‘N Haystack

Rock ‘N Roll

Reach’n Stroll’n

Down That Beach, See

Meemeey Me

With And…

Big Dark Hulking Looming Haystack Rock


But I Put’m Backy


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